TRAI recommends full mobile number portability within the next 6 months

While mobile number portability has been a major boost for telecom subscribers in India, TRAI has now further recommended full mobile number portability within India.


As per the recommendation of TRAI to telecom service providers, mobile subscribers should be allowed to switch to any operator keeping the same number, even if the operator does not operate in the circle. Currently, mobile number portability is restricted to only those operators operating within that circle.

While full mobile number portability would be amazing, it would definitely raise some concerns for the callers. Firstly, since the number might be ported to an operator operating from a different circle, callers may have to pay STD charges for calls in the same circle. Also callers will have to compulsorily add +91 before the number in case it has been ported. TRAI has further suggested that the Department of Telecom make changes to the existing Mobile Number Portability License so that full MNP is active within the next six months.