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‘Tuk Tuk’ meter is here to combat faulty Autorickshaw meters

tuk-tuk-meter-1 A Kochi based start up, MindHelix Technologies has come up with a very useful application who communte by autorickshaws. The application – ‘Tuk Tuk’ meter is India’s first multiplatform application that can dynamically calculate the distance travelled using GPS and calculate the fare due. The application runs on smart phones with Android, Blackberry or Symbian operating systems without any need for manual distance or fare entry.

‘Tuk Tuk’ meter does not require internet connection or the service provider, enabling it to function even in remote areas. The application has a simple user interface that consists of a START / STOP button. The ‘Tuk Tuk’ meter can be customized for any location by entering the fare details in the settings page. The application can be started on entering the autorickshaw and the meter in the phone will run alongside the meter in the rickshaw and it can double check the distance travelled as shown in the auto’s meter and the GPS distance calculated by the application. The application will give the distance within the GPS tolerance.



“With the aim of bringing fairness to the public transport sector, MindHelix Technologies is introducing Tuk Tuk auto fare calculator which brings a relief to the commuters by empowering them to find the distance and fare. We are going to be the market leader in creating Mobile Games and Applications for the emerging markets like China and India. We have nine applications in different stages of development including games for iPhones, other travel related applications and corporate communications tools. We are in talks for getting suitable partners to work with to achieve these targets,” said Christin Emmanuel George, Cofounder and CEO of MindHelix Technologies LLP.