Turn your smartphone into a projector with virtual projection

Sick of your phone’s small screen? What if you could adjust your phone screen at whim? The concept takes inspiration from pocket based Pico projectors and takes it a step further though virtual projection.

Simply put, it collaborates with your phone’s camera and images them at different objects. So basically, the image is then transferred to any device and behaves like a real world-projection, which you can adjust at whim i.e. rotate the screen and the projection rotates. Move it and the projection moves.

The system will use your phone as a central server to collaborate with different devices. You can have multiple windows open and switch between them. You could even leave projected notes. But the man part is, it frees up your screen. It records what you want to do and then keeps a projected image handy. You could even use it to edit parts of the image or even get additional information on the things you have been searching on.

Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself.

The concept, I should warn you before you start having fantasies, is developed by three students from the universities of Munich, Calgary and Columbia respectively and is currently in nascent stages. But I do hope Samsung or Apple start cashing on it fast and we can lay our hands on a virtually projecting Samsung Galaxy III or an iPhone 5 soon.