Twitter announces “Super Follow” feature allowing users to charge followers

Twitter, one of the most popular social media platform, has announced its first ever paid product in the form of a feature called “Super Follow” during its Analyst Dat event.

The Super Follow feature allows suers to charge their followers for access to special content. By paying a set monthly amount, the Super Follower will be able to get access to exclusive content, deals and discount, community access, a supporter badge, etc. This will be dependent on what the account wants to offer subscribers.


It basically seems like a combination of community trends Discord, newsletter platform Substack, and the creator support platform Patreon. The new feature will allow users to earn directly from their followers and Twitter will take a cut from the earnings.

Although the company has announced this Super Follow feature, there are several more details that are yet to be made public. Also, the company has not provided a launch timeline for the rollout of this feature.

Twitter also announced another feature called “Communities” which seems like a competitor to the Facebook Groups. It is likely to be a place for all the “Super Follow” users of the account to interact with creators.

The company has also shared some details about the “safety mode” which will allow users to auto-block and mute abusive accounts. These new features comes as the company revealed its plan to double its revenue by 2023.