Type your heart out @ 60 WPM on your smartphone with MessagEase

Ever since we have had phones, we have lusted for fast typing speeds whether, we are browsing or messaging. MessagEase is one app that might make typing fun as ever. This Android/iOS app uses a patented one finger typing technique to boast your typing. The best part though is that it is totally free.


How does it happen? Well, what happens is that the keys you use the most are pushed to the start while you can swipe and drag other letters and characters. Besides, the app offers large-than-life buttons instead of those tiny ones you see on every other smartphone nowadays. It might take a while to get tuned to these keys, but then they contribute to making your typing faster. Also as you can see in this picture, you can swipe to get different letters. You do need to get tuned to this keyboard, maybe even memorize some letters and characters and then start typing without looking time and again at the keyboard. Then, you will need to play the inbuilt game that is more like a type master and trains you to type fast. The record in the game currently rests at 63 WPM, which you are welcome to try and break.


In case you love to message, browse and take notes on your phone, this might just be the  thing you are looking for. Watch MessageEase in action here.