Splashtop THD brings your PC to your Android tablet

Everyone nowadays talks about tablets replacing PCs, but to be practical, there are some things that you can do only on your PC. Tablets can’t boast of many things that PCs offer such as high memory, High RAM amongst many others. So what’s the solution? Well, here it is, the winner of the best app award at this year’s CES – Splashtop THD. Splashtop THD does something similar for your Android tablet to what Motorola’s Webtop connectivity and Samsung All share.  Well, that and some more.

Splashtop lets you listen to music, browse the net and watch movies. But, the best part is that it even lets you play games right from your PC to your tablet. But, there is one sad news in all of that. This 7$ (Rs. 350) app is available only for Android tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich OS on Tegra 3 processors such as the Asus Transformer Prime. There are not many of those out now, but we hope sometime in the future, they become more commonplace.

Here, check out this video in the meantime.