VLC media player Beta version out for Android

One of the most popular media players till date, the VLC media player is set to make an appearance on Android smartphone. The availability of the VLC Media player is proof of how Androids are etching closer to delivering a PC-like experience on your smartphone.


The version we are talking about is not the official version, so it has not made an appearance on Android Market as yet. The support page suggests that it available for phone ARMv6/ ARM11, ARM v7a/ Cortex A8/ NEON and ARM v7a/Cortex A9 processor. What thy is s means, basically is that your processor should have one of these builds. The best way is to install it on your MicroSD card. You can find it in settings under apps.

The app has been created using VLC media player 2.0 as base. It boasts of both Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich support. You can download it here. As of now there is no date set for the official release, but we will keep you posted.