Ubuntu for Tablets announced, Developer preview coming for Nexus devices

In a bid to challenge Android OS which has attained a remarkable stand in mobile device market, Canonical has launched their own open source OS for tablet devices. This OS is expected to a common OS for multiple platforms like desktops, phones, and tablets.


This would imply that the new Ubuntu for tablets would able to run apps from any platform. A mobile app would run just as perfectly on the tablet. Applications would notify their original environment whether – mobile tablet or desktop, before running the process.

Ubuntu for tablet devices intends on mastering the multi-tasking feature. The apps can be used simultaneously on one screen. The screen would be split into two, to run both the apps together. Example: you can browse the web while watching a video without losing the playback of the video.

To give developers a feel of what’s in the OS, the developer preview of the Ubuntu OS. This will give the Open source code for Nexus phones and tablets. Shortly thereafter we can expect to see the OS on non-Nexus devices. More details at the Mobile World Conference and soon we should see tablets and mobiles launching with the Ubuntu OS.