UCWeb announces India as its second HQ; updates UC Browser across all platforms

UCWeb claimed that India is the second largest growth market after China for its browser making the company consider India as its second headquarters. To keep up with expectations of its customers, UCWeb would focus on Video and download technology enhancement, which are in heavy demand in India. It also announced the launch of UC Browser for Android version 9.0, UC Browser for Java version 9.0, and UC browser version 2.0 for iPads.


The new UC browser version 9.0 for Android brings in a lot of UI improvements. There are multiple start-up screens and nearly unlimited speed-dials. The videos can also be cached and then viewed later without active network connection. The browser can be customised with new themes and wallpapers.

The new version of the UC browser also has an Incognito mode, which when used prevents browsing history including cookies, forms and searches from being saved. The browser now also helps in blocking advertisements without breaking the layout of the webpage. Also it allows to capture screenshots, which can be cropped and edited.

The UC browser version 9.0 for Java has free 2 GB of online storage service, UDisk, for UC Browser users. The video and audio files can be downloaded to UDisk and played directly thus ensuring proper playback. Also users do need to login every time by saving their account information just once.

The UC browser version 2.0 for iPad shows significant improvements in the U3 engine with support of WebGL on iOS and a 300% increase in 3D graphics processing, with up to 30 frames per second on the iPad 4. The webpages can be cached and viewed later. Large files can be downloaded to the UC Cloud server, thus saving traffic otherwise wasted on failed downloads. Also the advanced cloud compression technology can reduce data costs by up to 85% thus loading webpages faster.

The latest versions of the UC Browser can be downloaded from Android, iPad and Java phones.