UCWeb launches UC Browser 8 in India, aims at 100 million users by 2015 in the country

UCWeb, a leading provider of mobile internet software technology and application services, has announced their strategic expansion in India with the launch of their latest UCWEB 8.0 version for Android in India.
The UC browser 8 for Android is based on the U3 kernel technology. The browser is aimed at bringing faster, cheaper, easier & higher efficiency mobile Internet experience to local users, and because of its powerful capability, has an average speed over 50% higher than those of other mobile browsers in 3G network, and up to 30% faster than other mobile browsers when accessing Internet in WIFI environment. In the future UC will introduce its hardware capacity and stronger HTML5 rendering and accelerating ability into U3 kernel to further upgrade the speed of UC browser. UCWEB 8.0 also realizes various smart modes of smart reading, smart forum, and smart screen-adapting etc.

Currently UCWeb now holds second place in the cell phone browser markets of India, Indonesia and Russia, behind Opera Software ASA, a Norwegian maker of Web browsers. In India, UCWeb occupies a market share of almost 20 percent. Based in China, the company has already partnered with over 500 partners in India, including Google, Getjar, Nokia, ebuddy, and nimbuzz to provide end-to-end mobile internet services to local users.

Yu Yongfu, Chief Executive Officer ,UCWeb, said, “We aim to make UCWeb the number one mobile internet browser company in India and achieve a user base of 100mn by 2015 in the country. We would like to thank all our existing partners in assisting us in our endeavor.”

UCWeb in the near future is also working on the introduction of its hardware capacity and stronger HTML5 rendering and accelerating ability into U3 kernel to upgrade further the speed of UC browser.

You can download UC 8.0 browser for Android over here.