Uninor Maharashtra introduces 0 paise/min tariff for On-net calls

Uninor has always been very aggressive as far as their On-net packs are concerned. We have already witnessed packs offering 2000 minutes for as low as Rs. 37 and 2 paise/min On-net tariff for a price of Rs. 22 courtesy Uninor. Now comes the heavy duty pack of Rs. 101 which offers calls to Uninor local numbers at 0 paise/minute or in other words, purely Unlimited calling for 30 days. This pack cannot be clubbed with other offer.

Following are the details of this offer:

  • RCV 101
  • Validity : 30 days
  • Calls to local Uninor numbers at 0 paise/min (FREE Unlimited Calls)

This is an extemely good offer considering the price of the voucher. Uninor is the only GSM provider in Maharashtra which offers purely unlimited On-net calls. MTS is offering similar offer at Rs. 95 but the fact that MTS is a CDMA provider, gives Uninor the brownie points over MTS.