Unofficial Counter Strike for Android in making

Who has not heard or even played about the ever-popular first person shooter game Counter Strike? Well until now the game was only limited to users of Windows but now developers are working hard to bring in an official version of the game to Android devices.

In this Android version there will be a team of counter-terrorists facing off against a team of terrorists with the objective to plant and detonate a bomb or defuse a bomb before the other team succeeds in doing so. Interesting! Well this CS on Android will be a totally fan made version but will have the same UI and feel as the original one. 


Currently there are two versions of the made which are being built for Android, one of which will be a 5-series for Android 2.0+ devices and the other will be a 6-series for Gingerbread and above devices. Players will get a whole lot of popular maps and almost the same gameplay as in the original game. As for now the game is still under development and not available for download but we will update you as soon as a stable and better version of the game is available.