Upcoming Google smartwatch – Everything you need to know

The world is jazzed up with smartwatches. There is Samsung’s Gear smartwatch, Sony’s Xperia Smartwatch 2 and also many third-party smartwatches are out there, but the sad truth is that smartwatches are still not really up to the act. Even the Samsung Gear smartwatch, which is the giant in this market has a 30 percent return rate. But, then is smartwatches just a phase or is it something that will emerge as a major device division? Well, that only time  will tell. For now, smartwatches hold the key to the future. One smartwatch that intrigues us continuously is the upcoming Google smartwatch. From what we have heard, its  got to be amazing.


While there has been some buzz about a ‘Nexus’  smartwatch, a lot of exciting stuff is just pouring out. So why should you be interested in this device of all things?

Firstly, the hardware – Google has already revealed the prototype that its smartwatch would be based on – it acquired the WIMM smartwatch company back in 2011. WIMM never really released a smartwatch, but the fact is that it had the basic device ready which Google is going to cash on. The WIMM smartwatch comes with one attractive feature – a translective bi-focal screen. Basically, in layman’s lingo, It will use a display similar to the one on smartphones and since it is using the technology, it will also endow it with one feature that should sound great – it will come with a greyscale mode for outdoor usage, basically giving you smartwatch that can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Also since it is from Google, the software should be nothing less than amazing and should be boiled down to the level that suits the smartwatch. Google really has no boundations and can mold Android according to smartwatch needs which makes it definitely something to look forward.

Google has a vast consumer experience to speak of, it also has hands on all your information whether it be GPS information, your language, your work, the games you like to play and much else. It can sync all this information accordingly and it can use it – on a smartwatch. Now, think of all that being used and displayed accordingly on a display. Think of a smartwatch that can adequately how you train/flight timings of even locate a restaurant – now we are talking aren’t we?

The Google smartwatch is a welcome alternative to the Google Glass which is supposed to be hell expensive. While the Samsung Gear and other smartwatches display info from Google’s software like hangouts or Google Now, this will be from Google itself, so we expect something more than the usual.

 The smartwatch will also have a vast access to the play store. Google is in the process of setting up a Glass store for its Google Glass consumers, so we would be expecting a similar kind of endeavor for the Google smartwatch.

Anyway you look at it, the Google smartwatch has all the indications of being a smartwatch and not just a watch with notifications. It might smartwatches to regular run-of-the-mill people. And since, Google already has the tech and patents in tow, we are expecting it be priced better than most in the market.

We will get back to you in a few months as the smartwatch saga unfurls.