Doctors take out a 5 cm smartphone stylus from a man’s intestine

How many of you have a habit of using a stylus for your Smartphone and also holding it in your mouth once in a while? I personally do hold the stylus now and then but not anymore.


Rakesh Pandya, a 27 year old Sales Executive from Ahmedabad, was just hunting for some games for his smartphone when he casually placed the stylus of this phone in his mouth and accidently swallowed it.

After swallowing the stylus, Rakesh thought that the stylus would flush out the next day but that never happened. He then went on to consult a doctor who prescribed him some laxatives which would flush the stylus but that never happened again.
Next day, Rakesh experienced loads of pain which made him to go for a CT scan and the reports revealed that the Stylus had reached his intestines and pierced them. And this was the cause of the pain. Thankfully the stylus didn’t go on to damage to the Carotid Artery which is the main blood vessel which could have caused internal bleeding and fatality.
It took Dr. Hitesh Chavda who handled the case, about three and half hours to remove the 5cm stylus from the intestine of Rakesh and stitch it back.
After this incident I am for sure, using my smartphone’s stylus a bit more cautiously and never keeping it in my mouth for sure and we would also advice all of our readers to take extra care when they use their smartphones. Also never let small children to plan with anything like the stylus which could could result in fatality.
Stay Safe.