Viber for Windows Phone gets free calling with HD sound

With the latest technology of communication, VoIP clients have become very popular with many users actively replacing their normal callers with VoIP. While Skype remains the leader for mobile VoIP clients, Viber is giving it a tough time to maintain its position.


Viber, which just like Skype is another mobile VoIP client, made some major changes in its app for the Windows Phone platform thus challenging the current owner of Skype, Microsoft. The new changes include VoIP calling with HD audio, lock screen notifications and support for Live Tiles.

Free calls between Viber users, a prominent feature of Viber seen on other platforms, is now seen on the Windows Phone app. The app works in the background at all times so that you don’t miss a single call and neither do you have to see the screen unnecessarily. This app allows sharing pictures and group chats with up to 40 people.

You can try the new Viber app in the Windows Phone Store.