Virgin to Virgin calls are absolutely free now!

v2vfree Now talk to your virgin mobile buddies absolutely free on the new “Virgin-Virgin Bakbak Plan”.This special scheme is applicable for all circles of Virgin Mobile India and available for a one time erecharge of 14 rs.Once you are migrated to the new bakbak plan,you can make free Virgin to Virgin local calls subject to a maximum of 200 minutes/day after first 3 minutes of call priced at 1 rs/min for the day. This pack is available for no extra cost after the initial recharge of 14 rs. Call and sms rates to other mobiles will remain unchanged after activating this plan!!
We say: This plan is good for people with heavy on-net usage.Spending 3 rs per day for 200 mins sounds like a good deal with your on-net calling rates dropping as low as 0.015 paise/min. Thumbs up for this plan!!