Following Xiaomi, other smartphone brands OPPO, Vivo, Samsung, Apple and Realme also hikes pricing in India

Effective today, the new GST rate for the mobile phones goes into effect as the Indian government ignores all the request from the industry leaders to reconsider the decision of increasing tax rate by 50 percent, especially at this time.

Earlier today, Xiaomi announced increase in pricing for its smartphones as cellular handsets will be increased to 18 percent from the current 12 percent. Now, other smartphone brands have also joined the company in increasing pricing, including OPPO, Vivo, Samsung, Apple and Realme.

Here’s the list of companies and the pricing details of their handsets.


ModelOld MOPNew MOP
V17 (8 + 128)₹22990₹24990
S1 (4 + 128)₹15990₹17990
S1 Pro (8 + 128)₹18990₹20990
Y19 (4 + 128)₹13990₹14990
Y91i (2 + 32)₹6990₹7990
Y91i (3 + 32)₹7990₹8990
Y15 (4 + 64)₹11990₹12990
Y12 (3 + 64)₹9990₹10990
Y11 (3 + 32)₹8990₹9990


ModelOld PriceNew Price
A5s 2GB₹8,490₹8,990
A5s 3GB₹8,990₹9,990
A5s 4GB₹10,990₹11,990
A5 2020 3GB₹11,490₹12,490
A5 2020 4GB₹12,990₹13,990
A5 2020 6GB₹14,990₹15,990
A31 4GB₹11,490₹12,490
OPPO K1₹14,990₹15,990
A9 2020 4GB₹14,990₹15,990
A9 2020 8GB₹17,490₹18,490
F15 8GB₹19,990₹21,990
Reno 2F₹21,990₹23,990
Reno 2Z₹25,990₹27,490
Reno 2₹36,990₹38,990
Reno 3 Pro₹29,990₹31,990


ModelOld priceNew price
Realme 6 Pro₹16,999₹17,999
Realme 6₹12,999₹13,999
Realme X2 Pro Master Edition₹34,999₹36,999
Realme C3₹6,999₹7,499
Realme 5i₹8,999₹9,999
Realme X2₹16,999₹17,999
Realme X2 Pro₹27,999₹29,999
Realme 5s₹9,999₹10,999
Realme 5 Pro₹12,999₹13,999
Realme XT₹15,999₹16,999
Realme X₹16,999₹17,999
Realme X Master Edition₹19,999₹20,999

The company had earlier said that it will absorb the price hike and won’t increase the pricing for the Realme Narzo phones. But with the launch event delayed because of coronavirus, its likely that when this new series gets launched, it will have pricing higher than what Realme intended to price it earlier.


ModelOld PriceNew Price
iPhone 7 (32 GB)₹ 29,900₹31,500
iPhone 7 (128 GB)₹34,900₹36,700
iPhone 7 Plus (32 GB)₹37,900₹39,900
iPhone 7 Plus (128 GB)₹42,900₹45,100
iPhone 8 (64 GB)₹40,500₹42,600
iPhone 8 (128 GB)₹45,500₹47,900
iPhone 8 Plus (64 GB)₹50,600₹53,300
iPhone 8 Plus (128 GB)₹55,600₹58,500
iPhone XR (64 GB)₹49,900₹52,500
iPhone XR (128 GB)₹54,900₹57,800
iPhone XS (64 GB)₹89,900₹94,700
iPhone XS (256 GB)₹1,03,900₹1,09,400
iPhone 11 (64 GB)₹64,900₹68,300
iPhone 11 (128 GB)₹69,900₹73,600
iPhone 11 (512 GB)₹79,900₹84,100
iPhone 11 Pro (64 GB)₹1,01,200₹1,06,600
iPhone 11 Pro (256 GB)₹1,15,200₹1,21,300
iPhone 11 Pro (512 GB)₹1,33,200₹1,40,300
iPhone 11 Pro Max (64 GB)₹1,11,200₹1,17,100
iPhone 11 Pro Max (256 GB)₹1,25,200₹1,31,900
iPhone 11 Pro Max (512 GB)₹1,43,200₹1,50,800


For Samsung, the prices of its newly launched flagship Galaxy S20 series have been increased by up to ₹5,000. The standard S20 is now listed for ₹70,500 instead of the launch price of Rs. 66,999. On the other hand, the S20+ and S20 Ultra now cost ₹77,900 and ₹97,900 respectively.

Along with the flagship phones, the company has also increased pricing for its mid-range and budget smartphones, including the Galaxy A-series and Galaxy M-series devices. We’ll soon update this space with more details about the price hike by Samsung.