Vivo to showcase on-screen fingerprint tech at MWC Shanghai 2017

With all the buzz surrounding the on-screen fingerprint technology, we had two candidates running for the prize. Apple and Samsung. Samsung already seemed to be out of the race as reports pointed out and Apple seemed to be the clear winner. But last week we had a short video from an unlikely candidate vivo demonstrating the tech on a prototype.

The video was short and blurry, and the uploader said that vivo was ready to showcase the design at MWC Shanghai. If true vivo would be the first to come up with the breakthrough where Samsung failed.

Now, we also have an official vivo poster for the MWC leaked by Twitter user krispitech. The poster displays a finger in the middle of a screen explicitly. This is a clear hint as to what vivo has planned for MWC. Do note that the teaser doesn’t mention anything.

The on-screen fingerprint technology allows users to unlock phones by placing the finger on the touch screen itself. Since the sensor is embedded beneath the display. It seems the vivo prototype in the video integrated the sensor in the lower half of the display. The next gen tech would enable OEMs to make even bigger displays by removing the bottom bezel and also make fingerprint scanning much more easier.