Vodafone launches exclusive International Roaming Pack

Giving special relief for their subscribers who travel across countries and use their services despite the roaming charges, Vodafone has launched exclusive international roaming pack.


The new international roaming pack offers over 90% discount on data and approximately 64% on outgoing local and international calls for Vodafone subscribers from India visiting countries like UK, USA, UAE, Singapore and Thailand. The roaming pack comes with a validity of 30 days for a rental of Rs. 2499.

The benefits of the international roaming pack can be availed across 45 countries where Vodafone has tied-up with the local operator. The benefits can be availed only through such operators and usage on any other international operator’s network in these countries will be charged at standard international roaming charges.

The pack offers over 90 percent discount on data with rates as low as Rs. 50/MB while roaming overseas. Outgoing local and international calls will be charged at Rs. 25/min and Rs. 50/min respectively. Incoming calls will cost Rs. 50/min. To activate the international roaming pack, Vodafone subscribers need to call the toll-free number 111 from the home network.