Vodafone Make a Zoozoo face contest : Get a chance to win Zoozoo mug

vodafone-zoozoo-contest-mug  Can you look cute, angry or funny like the Zoozoos? Just take a picture of you making a Zoozoo face & send it across as an MMS. Get featured on the Zoozoo Wall of Fame & bag a chance to win a cool Zoozoo mug. This contest will end on 18th January 2010. 200 ZooZoo mugs are to be won so what are you waiting for take part in “Make a ZooZoo Face” contest. 

How to Participate?

Step 1: Choose one of the Zoozoo expressions
Step 2: Use your camera phone and take a picture of you imitating the Zoozoo expression
Step 3: Send it as an MMS to zoozoos@vodafone.com, with the <expression name> space <your name> in the subject line. For eg: Happy Sudesh