launches SMS alerts and reminder service for car servicing

meri-car-sms-service, a car servicing booking web portal, developed a web based tool named MeriCAR Servicing Reminder. Car owners can fill up the web form to setup reminder for next car servicing due date. The web tool sends alerts in SMS and email with detail of vehicles. Currently it would be reminding car owners about next servicing date 5 days before actual date.

The MeriCAR Servicing Reminder (MCSR) is beta release. It is available free to use for car owners all over India. The user can reset car servicing date or pause alerts in advanced version.

“The automatic reminder web software would not only help car owners, but it would also help car workshops to manage reminding services to retain existing customers.” says Rakesh K. Sidana, CEO,

How it works?

Step 1: Enter Servicing Date
Fill up the form with your next car servicing date.

Step 2:
Enter security code to verify your mobile and email address.

Step 3:
Setting Up Reminder
You will receive confirmation email. You have setup servicing reminder!!!