Vodafone offering relocating service to its Post-paid customers

Whenever we relocate to a new place, the first thing we do is get a new pre-paid connection and go through many hassles. Well now Vodafone is offering a new service that might help you, if you plan to relocate. The telecom company has announced the launch of a unique service for all its post-paid customers across India in which any customer who wants to re-locate from one state to another state can continue to enjoy un-interrupted services from Vodafone.

Customers relocating to different parts of the nation often face trouble securing a local mobile phone connection. It is a big hassle to search for the right tariff plan, service provider, etc. in the new location. Moreover, customers who were enjoying special privileges like higher credit limits, billing details, etc. in their older location need to establish their credentials in their new location.

For this, Vodafone has launched the new service to enable its post-paid customers to easily relocate without going through the hassles of getting a new local number. The customer needs to apply for the same in his current location. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) will alert the Vodafone team in the new location from where executives will contact the customer, ensure a convenient process of allocating them a new number, retaining their credit limit, changing the billing address and collecting identity proof documents.