Vodafone signs 2G intra-circle roaming agreement with BSNL

In an attempt to provide seamless connectivity to its customers, Vodafone has signed a 2G intra-circle roaming agreement with BSNL.


Vodafone has signed the 2G intra-circle roaming agreement with BSNL to use each other’s assets and network strength across the country. The agreement would mutually benefit both the operators with Vodafone get access to BSNL’s network in rural areas and BSNL getting network in urban areas.

Speaking about the partnership, Sunil Sood, MD & CEO, Vodafone India, said, “We want our hundreds of million customers to consistently enjoy a superior network experience and remain confidently connected, at all times, for all their voice and data needs. We made significant investments to expand, enhance and upgrade our network, making Vodafone SuperNet our best network ever, world-class and future-fit. This partnering with BSNL will further strengthen the reach of our network especially in the hinterland of the country and surrounding rural areas.