Vserv.mobi launches Windows Phone 8 SDK; Announces doubled ad revenues for developers

With in-app ad revenues being a major source of monetization for mobile app developers, Vserv.mobi has launched the Windows Phone 8 SDK.


Vserv.mobi has announced the Windows Phone 8 SDK of Vserv.mobi to enable advertising based monetization on Windows Phone apps. The service includes a downloadable SDK that allows developers and multi-app publishers to integrate over 10 mobile ad formats. The developer can also enable premium full screen launch, exit ads, Global hybrid mediation and analytics for the apps.

Besides launching the SDK, Vserv.mobi has partnered with Nokia to promote app development for Windows Phones by launching a $100,000 Vserv challenge for developers on Nokia’s DVLUP program. The program has rewards worth Rs. 3.5 crores besides double monthly earnings for developers using the app monetization SDK.

To participate in the Vserv challenge on Nokia’s DVLUP, the developers are required to build apps for the Windows Phone 8 platform using the Vserv SDK. The apps need to be submitted on DVLUP and only valid apps would then be approved on the store. Developers would receive 250 points for maximum 2 apps. Vserv.mobi would give double the revenues earned by the developers as on December 31. For more details visit the DVLUP site.

Speaking about the app monetization platform, Viral Oza, Director, Marketing, Nokia India, said, “Over the years, Nokia has been committed to not only the growth of Windows Phone Store but also providing incremental monetization opportunities for our developers. We are excited to work with Vserv.mobi to help enhance monetization opportunities for Windows Phone 8 developers. With the Vserv challenge on DVLUP, developers will not only earn points, empowering them to promote their app, thereby creating a more transparent and fair app ecosystem where developers are not only in control of their own success but also monetize their content. We believe that this will reinvigorate the mobile internet ecosystem by allowing developers to accelerate their monetisation efforts and trigger innovation.”