What is CarrierIQ?

Since yesterday there has been so much of saying about CarrierIQ and how CarrierIQ records all your details via keystrokes. But what is CarrierIQ. Well it provides telemetry to cellular carriers and manufacturers and according to the company itself, its software is preinstalled on over 141 million phones.
Now, a security researcher has claimed that the same software is monitoring every single key you press on your Smartphone, reading your SMS, and logging much of the personal data you transmit, too — all with an app that you can’t remove.

The researcher Trevor Eckhart discovered the controversial Carrier IQ software in one of the HTC devices he was using. He then discovered that the software was collecting user data, from the device location, to the applications on it and even logging the keystrokes. He then went public and wrote a blog post as to how the software violated the privacy of every person.

Carrier IQ claims that its software is installed on over 140 million devices with partners including Sprint, HTC and Apple and Samsung. Nokia and RIM have been alleged as partners, too, although each company has denied such claims.

So next time you send across any important information, remember someone somewhere is watching it all.