What is Cloud?

So you’ve heard about the term but are not quite sure what it’s all about. You’ve even seen Apple, and now Android announcing cloud services on their mobile platforms. But still dazed and confused about the concept?
Well let’s dig into it and understand what the concept is. Firstly, it’s not the cloud in the sky, it’s just a technical term so don’t take it literally. It is a large concept, but let’s just bring it down to the handheld device level.

The concept comes from cloud computing where services, resources, software/apps, and information are provided to your devices through the internet and in case of mobile devices, through a data connection like Wi-Fi or 3G. Basically you don’t have to store the information on your device; it fetches it from the ‘Cloud’ where the original information is stored.

So this concept lets you store information on a cloud server which you can fetch anytime you want even if you are on the go. This takes off the load from your device, saving you space and money for additional storage.

Now you might wonder about the security, even I think about that. There are proper security mechanisms given by the cloud storage providers including encryption, authentication and other privacy measures.

Simple, wasn’t it? If you have any queries, comments, or any corrections, do let us know.