WhatsApp could soon link same account with multiple devices

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging application but there are several features that are not found on WhatsApp while some of its competitors offer, such as ability to use the same account across multiple devices.


However, that could change soon as the company is testing a feature that will allow users to access the same WhatsApp account across multiple devices. The feature is currently hidden inside the Android beta version.

The feature is being referred as Linked Devices and it could support using the same WhatsApp account with up to four devices, including Mac. It seems that the company could send a verification code to log into additional devices with the same account.

Currently, the instant messaging app requires users to signup using mobile number, which also becomes their unique account. The same account can be used to log-in to WhatsApp Desktop or Web version by scanning a QR code.

Since the feature is hidden in the Beta version on Android, it remains to be seen when the company plans to starts testing it. So, it will take much time for the company to actually start releasing the update. That too, only if the company find the feature feasible in its testing.