Telegram update brings Silent Messages, Slow Mode, Admin Titles and more

Telegram, the cloud-based IM service provider, has been introducing new features to its platform at regular intervals. Recently, the company introduced ultra-lightweight high-quality animated stickers as well as complete control over users private conversation.

Now, the company has started rolling out a new update, v5.10, which introduces several new features to Telegram such as Silent Messages, Slow Mode, Admin Titles, Animated Emojis, and Accent Colors.

Silent Messages

Telegram’s new feature named “Silent Messages” enables users to send the message or media without sound. The receiver will get a notification as usual, but their phone won’t make a sound even if they forgot to enable the Do Not Disturb mode.


To use this feature, the user can simply need to hold the Send button and choose to deliver the message or media without sound. That’s it.

Slow Mode

In this new Slow Mode feature, admin can limit the ability of the users to send messages as per the set interval. Once set, the users will only be able to send one message per the interval that the admin chose.


There’s also a timer that shows how long the user needs to wait before sending the next message. The feature can be found under the ‘Group Permissions’ section.

Admin Titles


The ‘Admin Titles’ feature enables group owners to set custom titles for admins such as ‘Meme Queen’, ‘Spam Hammer’ or ‘El Duderino’. The custom titles are then shown with every message in the group so that the members know that they‘re talking to the designated person. It can be set by editing the admin’s rights in Group Settings.

Timestamps and Improved Scrubbing


Videos now display thumbnail previews as the user scrub through, which helps in finding the moment they were looking for. Also, if a timestamp is added to the video caption, such as 0:45, the video will be automatically highlighted as a link.

Then, on tapping the timestamp, the video will play from the right spot. This also works if you mention a timestamp when replying to a video.

Accent Colors and Comments Widget


For the iOS users, Telegram has added an option to choose accent colors for night themes. The night doesn’t always have to be black and blue, after all.


Also, with the new Comments.App tool for commenting on channel posts, you can now add a comments widget to your website. With this, Telegram users will be able to log in with just two taps and leave comments with text and photos, as well as like, dislike and reply to comments from others. They can also subscribe to comments and get notifications from DiscussBot.