Whatsapp crosses 600 million monthly active users; 60 million users in India

With Whatsapp becoming increasingly popular amongst all mobile phone users, the instant messenger has announced that it has touched 6 billion monthly active users.


Whatsapp CEO has announced that the instant messenger is serving 600,000,000 monthly active users globally. Interestingly, India seems to have contributed massively to the growth with 60 million monthly active users, 10 million of which were added in last three months. Other than India, countries like Mexico, Brazil and Russia have been very instrumental in the growth.

One major reason of the growth of Whatsapp is the fast free messaging. Now with Facebook acquiring the company, it is expected to hasten the growth process. Whatsapp is also rumoured to add Voice Call feature in future. Should that happen, it certainly will be a major concern for local telecom operators.