Whatsapp now lets you check if the recipient has read your message

While the tick marks on Whatsapp were often confused for proof that the message has been read, the popular messenger has now actually implemented the feature.


Whatsapp has announced that users can now verify if the receiver has read the message by the new feature which would display two blue tick marks when the message is read. As per the new system, one grey tick indicates that the message has been sent successfully. Two grey ticks indicate that message has been delivered to the recipient but may not have been necessarily read. The two blue ticks imply that the recipient has read the message.

While the feature is certainly useful, it may face a lot a resistance especially from people who are very particular about their privacy. Moreover, considering that the sender receives a notification, the receiver is bound to reply to the message. So the next time you blurt out, “Didn’t see your message”.