WhatsApp now lets you tag people in group chat

WhatsApp Inc. seems to be adding new features to its app lately. While these features are new on WhatsApp, they have long been available on other apps like Telegram. The latest feature making its way to WhatsApp is the ability to tag people in group chats.


You will now be able to mention people in group chats. As soon as you have mentioned someone, that person will receive notification even if the notifications are muted. All you have to do is type ‘@’ and you will be presented with a list of all the group members. You then only need to select the person from the list you want to mention.

You can not only tag people whom you have saved as contacts in your device, but, the ones whose numbers are not saved can be tagged as well. You can also mention multiple people in a message, you will only have to write ‘@’ every time.

Well, if you are in a group you don’t want to and have muted notifications to avoid being annoyed, you no longer will be able to do that. This feature is already available as official update on Android and iOS. However, some users are reporting they can see the GIF feature as well in the Beta version on Android.

Download Link: Android | iOS