WhatsApp trumps SMSes in terms of messaging; handles 50 billion messages daily

It seems that SMS services might one day be a thing of the past. As of yet, few people actually use SMSes as a mode of communication. With the deluge of texting apps available in the market, there seems no need to spend money messaging, when it can be easily done for free. Not just that, the prime example of this, WhatsApp has crossed the limit of 50 billion messages daily – putting it way ahead of SMSes as a mode of communication.


And why not? WhatsApp is offering you way more than any SMS service. Just use mobile data or Wi-Fi on your phone and you will be easily be able to send audio, video and text not to forget pics, smileys and stickers. WhatsApp has grown to be double from last year, when it handled around 27 Billion messages daily. It now boasts of 430 million users out of which it has gained 30 million consumers only in last month.

The fremium and ad-free business model has worked pretty well for WhatsApp and its low fees of Rs. 55 per annum works in its favor.