Where is Nokia headed?

nokia-logo Nokia has been dethroned and is no longer the king of the smartphone world. With Apple and Samsung giving the company a tough competition, Nokia is trying every possible strategy to stay in the league. So where has Nokia gone wrong? Why has the company lost the oomph factor?
Living on Symbian, Nokia just got stuck to it. In my opinion it was a brave decision, as they were and have been faithful towards the platform. And I love Symbian. However, Nokia has been slow and has not taken enough steps to improve it. The main reason why Symbian is a dying platform is that Nokia hasn’t refined it well enough. Signing with Microsoft and launching a MeeGo device is just keeping the company name in the news. Yes, they have made efforts by launching the Anna update and will be launching Belle as well, but to be honest I do not see it making any big impacts.

Nokia has disappointed its Symbian fans and have lost their last opportunity. Anna is STILL not officially out, and they plan on showing Belle in the coming months? Wow, good public stunts there Nokia. What I would love to see is Nokia putting in some more efforts towards the Symbian platform, yes they have outsourced Symbian to Accenture, but I don’t see any good results. Nokia should launch Windows and Symbian handsets simultaneously and improve drastically not only on the platforms, but also on delivering the platform updates on time.

With Windows Phone ‘Mango’ almost on its verge of launching, Nokia’s future hangs upon the new platform. Godspeed Nokia !