Where is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7?

Apparently Samsung has pulled down its newest tablet, the Galaxy Tablet 7.7, from the IFA event where it was launched recently. At first no explanation was given for the act, but news confirms that the tablet has been removed due to a court decision made on the 2nd of September. Every single bit of information, demos and banners, have been taken down.

The statement by Samsung was as follows:

Samsung respects the court’s decision (The District Court in Dusseldorf) made on September 2  and therefore decided not to display any more the GALAXY Tab 7.7 in IFA. However, we believe it severely limits consumer choice in Germany. Samsung will pursue all available measures, including legal options, to defend its intellectual property rights and ensure its innovative products remain available to German consumers.’

Legal spats are cursing Samsung again, but we hope the new tab reaches the Indian market soon without any legal issues.

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