Windows Phone 7.8 features for Nokia Lumia smartphones revealed by an online survey

While we know that Microsoft will release the much awaited Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade for the Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone and we are still not aware of the full list of the features that will arrive with the upgrade, but not anymore.


A Nokia Online Customer Feedback Survey has allegedly revealed the features that Microsoft and Nokia are together going to bring to the Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones.

The text of the survey reads as follows:
Below you can see the key features that both Microsoft and Nokia bring to the Windows 7.8 update:

From Microsoft:
  • New homescreen experience with more room for your Live Tiles. Now resizable.
  • Set the Bing image of the day as the Lock Screen wallpaper.
  • Pocket and child Lock screen Security
  • 20 new accent theme colours

From Nokia:
  • Bluetooth Share (for DRM free media files)
  • Cinemagraph add-on to create blend and photo and movie-like animation, creating photos that are alive
  • New camera lenses to remove unwanted objects in your photos such as passers-by or people on the edge of the shot the spoil the photo.
  • Updated Contacts Transfer application
  • Updates Contact Share application
  • Ringtone Maker application

So that almost confirms all the new feature that Nokia Lumia smartphones running on Windows Phone 7.5 OS will receive and that is indeed a nice package for the older devices.
It also proves that Nokia is keen on keeping its Lumia smartphone owners happy to the maximum extent it can. And if you are one of those who owns a Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone from any other OEM, well you are in for some disappointment.

Source (Thanks Devarshi!)