Windows Phone 8 may allow Customization and Differentiation to OEMs

We know that Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS is not the best OS out there if we compare it to the iOS or Android, but then the OS is only growing and improving with each of its upgrade as Microsoft is learning from it’s mistakes.


OEMs feel that the main drawback of Windows Phone OS is that it doesn’t allow them to customize the OS and thus there goes on to be no differentiating factor between devices. Now according to a high level agenda that Netbooknews, Microsoft is going to address the OEMs on the Customization and Differentiation options at the upcoming Apollo MO Summit in Reading, UK.

The Windows Phone Mango update did change everything for the company and gathered a positive response from the users but then OEMs are still not happy with it, because Windows Phone till date doesn’t allow the manufacturers to customize the OS and thus ruling out the possibility of differentiating their device from other manufacturers. 
But now it seems that Microsoft is finally planning to let the next update of WP, the Windows Phone 8 (Apollo) be more customisable thus allowing OEMs to differentiate their devices from each other by customization. We don’t know as to how much will Microsoft allow the OEMs to customise but this is indeed a great move by Microsoft which will indeed make it finally stand out of the crowd. We hope for the best.
Would you love to see a different Windows Phone 8 according to the manufacturers just like TouchWiz by Samsung and Sense UI by HTC on Android OS? Shoot your views below.