Windows Phone had only 2.7% market share in Q2 2012, bada sold more

As the results from various research firms are flowing in as they all calculate the total sales estimates from the previous quarter, Garter has released its data for the Q2 2012 smartphone sales report.


This report from Garter indicates that the smartphone sales worldwide declined by 2.3 percent and Windows Phone OS just managed to capture just 2.7% of the market share with Android leading the front with 64.1% of share.


According to the report more a little over 4.08 million Windows Phone running smartphones were sold in the last quarter which is up from 1.7 million which were sold same quarter last year.
iOS has about 18.8 of the total market share where as Symbian is still at No. 3 spot with 5.9% share. RIM is trailing behind it with 5.2% devices running on the BlackBerry OS. But one interesting thing to note is that Samsung’s homegrown bada OS still has 2.7% of the total market share which is same as that of the Windows Phone OS but sold more devices compared to it with the figures indicating 4.28 million devices.
This is indeed a sure cause of worry for both Microsoft and also Nokia as both have bet loads of cash on the partnership and are yet to see a great return. But with Windows Phone 8 OS arriving very soon, we hope people are able to switch to the new OS skipping Android and iOS for a change.
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