Windows Phone Tango ROM leaks, support multi-tasking for up to 8 apps

As we all know that Microsoft is working hard on getting Windows Phone Tango out to make devices running on its OS a little more affordable, a working ROM of the WP Tango has got leaked over the XDA Developers and goes to reveal a few developments on the platform. 


Earlier we knew that WP Tango will go to support only 5 apps on the multitasking front, but now with the latest build 8773, it’ll support a maximum of 8 apps. 

Though it is not a great improvement but then it is at least a little better than the earlier limit of 5 apps. Also in this build, Microsoft has been able to increase the memory efficiency with just 122MB of RAM being used in the 8773 build versus the current 153MB in 8107 which is found nowadays on most devices. 


Last but not the least! Now users will be able to get confirmation of the MMS that they send out from their WP Tango devices which can definitely come handy for the few who wish to get satisfaction of their message being delivered successfully.