WoNoBo app with 360-degree walkthroughs available on the Play Store for India

WoNoBo, the location based app, developed by the folks at Genesys International Corporation is now available on the Play Store for Indian Android users.


The WoNoBo app brings 360-degree street view walkthroughs and panoramic images, meaning that the streets of India will be in one’s hands. The app also offers turn-by-turn navigation, indoor services and there are several other features in the app.


Currently, the app covers 14 major cities of India but the company will be expanding the service to 54 more urban cities. So, basically the app will be covering 70% of India’s urban economy, which should also enable businesses and marketers to eventually offer a plethora of services.

Commenting on the launch, Sajid Malik, CMD, Genesys International, said, “The WoNoBo App makes it possible for Indians to share aspects of their lives in a manner that simply hasn’t been possible before. We are India’s first and only 360 degree view service on the mobile platform. Users can share their schools, colleges, offices, favourite restaurants and just about anything else they love about India’s citiesUsers can also access over 10 million ‘points of interests’ such as hotels, retail outlets, monuments, parks, etc. and view the interiors of key locations as well.

There are a number of potential use cases for the WoNoBo App that we hope businesses and individuals will exploit to the fullest extent. We hope something as mundane as sending someone directions, for example, will be a whole lot easier from now on,” added Amit Mehta, Head of Products and Marketing, WoNoBo.com.

The great thing about the WoNoBo app is that it’s available for free on the Google Play Store and it is surely worth a check out. So, hit the link below and get the app on your Android device.

WoNoBo – Google Play Store