Xiaomi Mi Note 3 might be released in the third quarter of 2017

The Mi Note 2 launched last year was a great looking device resembling the Galaxy Note 7. But the rumor mill is two minded about this years follow up, the Mi Note 3.


Earlier this year, Pan Jiutang, an analyst reported that the device is not expected to show up this year. That report was canceled out by another one, mentioning that device is indeed scheduled to arrive in August 2017.
Now, another source named Cold Greek Dev has materialized on Weibo, confirming earlier reports of a show off in the second quarter of this year. Going by past launches, Xiaomi might make the device official alongside the stunning Mi Mix 2. All this is just guesswork, of course. So don’t jump to conclusions.

Regarding the rumored specs of the mysterious Mi Note 3, we know it will be equipped with the best of the best. The device will have the Snapdragon 835 chip at least because it is a top of the line phone from Xiaomi. It might also have two variants offered in the form of 4 GB/6 GB RAM. We can expect a dual camera setup as well following the Xiaomi Mi 6 launch.

The Mi Note 3 will also sport the gorgeous curved dual edges that made it look exactly like the Galaxy Note 7. Since it is a feature which defines the Mi Note series. Xiaomi might double screen resolution from Full HD to Quad HD. And finally we might just get to see MIUI 9 on the device since we didn’t see it on the Mi Max 2.