Yahoo acquires contextually aware Android launcher Aviate

While Google and Apple are known for their rather random acquiring spree, Yahoo, has acquired one of the leading Android launcher app – Aviate.


Delivering the keynote at CES 2014 for Yahoo, CEO Marissa Mayer announced the purchase of Aviate. While the financial aspects are not yet disclosed, the company has apparently hired all the developers on the team of the app. The special interest in the app can is understandable given that Yahoo is trying to provide users with more relevant and contextually aware information.

Aviate is in particular known for its location awareness. The app launcher became quite popular because it would use your location and your habits to contextually change your home screen setup like apps and widgets you would require in that situation. For example, on waking up, you would see your email and news apps, at work you would see calendar and productivity apps, whereas while travelling you would see navigation apps.

As part of the acquisition, Aviate has announced 25000 limited invites. To try the launcher, download the launcher from the Google Play store and use the code ‘YAHOO’.