You can swap this iPhone case for all your credit cards

The world is trying to replace your wallet with your mobile phone. Whether it be the rise and fall of apps like Nokia Money or NFC-tech, everything is aimed at one thing – making your mobile a safe and convenient mode for financial transactions. So, can ultra-sophisticated cases mad for the iPhone stay behind? Well, they have moved on from just being a cover for your phone to being much more. This Geode iPhone case is a fine example of that. 

geode1  Made by iCache in Cambridge, this iPhone case aims at becoming a one-stop solution for all your cards. It comes with a card swipe reader that digitizes all of your cards and with the help of the Geode app, reads all the data from the magnetic strip of your credit card. You can also scan barcodes via your iPhone’s camera. The best feature of the app is that it provides you with the security of a biometric fingerprint reader.

In case you have more than one card, all your data can be fed into the app and you can select one to conduct financial transactions. You can even activate and deactivate cards according to your preferences.

This iPhone case is one of the things we look forward to once NFC starts getting commonplace.