Your very own voice assistant on Android- Iris

Well the name does sound similar and yes it is Siri in reverse. Developed by Dexetra, Iris is a voice assistant app for your Android device. It can make calls, write messages, search the web and more. Just speak to it and it responds with an answer.
The app is intuitive as we tried to ask for the weather and it replied correctly and then we prompted a new city and the response was correct as it gave us the weather details of the city we asked for. Pretty neat eh? The app is a little slow but that is usually when it has to connect to a network and search for answers.

The UI is pretty simple and can be improved to look a bit more appealing, though there isn’t much scope regarding UI to improve in such apps. The app has been gaining a lot of attention and has been downloaded a number of times since the last 2-3 months so do give it a try, although it still feels like a beta app and it does need some improvements.

You can download the app from the Android Market over here.