YouTube brings chat replay, auto captions and more to Live streaming

The Live streaming feature on YouTube has been around since quite a few years now. With this, users can live stream videos through their channels to their subscribers, and, can also interact with the viewers in real-time through the chat. Well, in a bid to make YouTube Live better, YouTube has announced a slew of updates like chat replay, auto captions and location tagging.

Chat Replay

If you have ever seen a livestream on YouTube before, you must be familiar with the rate at which the comments in the chat section flow in – making it almost impossible to read the messages in the first go. Hence, YouTube has introduced Chat Replay, which will make those comments in the conversation available even after the Live stream is over.

Auto Captions

Up next is automatic captions. Yes, this feature has been around since 2009, but now onwards, the live videos will too generate captions automatically in English language. This feature is currently unavailable, but YouTube has said that it will roll it out in the coming weeks. Moreover, YouTube also said that it will make use of its live automatic speech recognition (LASR) technology to generate live automatic captions when “professionally provided” captions are unavailable.

Location Tagging

Lastly, YouTube also introduced Location Tagging to Live videos. As the name suggests, users can now add location tag to live streams and video uploads from their mobile. Moreover, users can also click on these location tags to see videos that have been shot at that same place (reminds us of Instagram). Not just that, users can also search for videos that have been shot at different locations using the location filter on search results page.

With all these features, YouTube wants to increase the interaction between the creators and the community. And, amongst all these features that YouTube has introduced, we liked the Chat Replay feature a lot. What about you?