Zen prepping next Ultrafone; the ‘most amazing phone’ to be launched by the people

Zen mobile has had varied success as far as the smartphone industry is concerned. It last smartphone the Ultrafone 701 HD was a good phone with a crappy form factor. But the pros of the handset were that Zen became one of the selected Indian companies who finally got the display and performance right. Naturally our expectations from the company’s next Ultrafone have risen. It seems that with the next Ultrafone, Zen is trying out a unique endeavor. Instead of investing in celebrities and what not, it is trying to launch the handset by the consumer itself. Sounds weird? Read on.


Zen has put up its own website called amazinglaunch.com, which is designed around the concept. The website displays the next version of the Ultrafone with thankfully a slimmer form factor. All you need to do is go on its website and press a centrally located button. upon doing that, Zen asks you to register. Once you have registered you will get a mail thanking you for  your participation and states that Zen will be coming back to you with an amazing package.

Zen’s endeavor is something of a unique thing, the phone as far as we can see looks interesting and has solved the problem with the form factor. Currently, it seems that Zen needs around 76000 more people to register for the launch. While the company is a rising entity in the market, it’s endeavor looks and sounds great and also goes to show the confidence it has in the product. In case, you are interested in being updated about the handset or receiving an ‘amazing package’, do go and register on the site.