After allegedly playing PUBG Mobile for 6 hours, a 16-year old boy dies of heart attack

Ever since Chinese giant Tencent launched the PUBG Mobile game for Android as well as iOS, it has seen a tremendous growth in its popularity. The game became such as obsession for many that some Indian cities banned the game.

In a new development related to the side-effects of long-time play of the PUBG Mobile game, a 16-year old student has lost his life. As per the reports, a 16-year-old boy from Madhya Pradesh has died after allegedly playing the battle royale game for six hours on a stretch.


The report says that Furkan Quereshi of the Neemuch town in Madhya Pradesh died after playing PUBG Mobile continuously for six hours. This happened after he lost a game, became agitated and started shouting at his teammates. It is claimed that he then collapsed on the floor and when he was rushed to the hospital by the family, the doctors declared him dead on arrival.

The doctor, who examined the boy, says that his heart was healthy as he was a swimmer; but the excitement of the game PUBG Mobile might have caused a surge in the adrenaline. This is reported to have caused a cardiac arrest in the boy, taking his life.

The police have already filed a case and an investigation is underway to further determine the cause of death of the boy. With this incident, the doctor, along with the family of the boy, has pleaded for a ban on the game across the country.