4 crore mobile connections in Delhi with a population of 1.68 crore

In the statistics released by the Delhi Government in its Statistical Handbook 2011, more than 1 crore new mobile connections were taken in the year 2011-2011. When the total population of Delhi is just 1.68 crore, the number of mobile connections now stands just below the 4 crore mark.

This means that on an average each person living in Delhi owns 2.5 mobile connections on his/her name. This is an increase from 2,82,99,590 users in 2009-10 to 3,88,21,604 users in 2010-11 and is also the highest in the country. The total number of mobile users in India stands at 85 crores.

There is also a small increase in the total number of landline connections from 27,10,835 in 2010 to 28,38,818 in 2011.