This video gives us the closest look at what the iPhone 8 might look like

This is a very interesting leak, folks! As the iPhone 8 launch is still months away we might be looking at what could be the closest replica of the heavily rumored device.

This leak is a 4-minute video of a 3D printed iPhone disseminated by OnLeaks and Tiger Mobiles. And the design is right from the horse’s mouth. The leak says it built the model from 3D CAD that were procured from the very factory which will make the new iPhones. That should make the leak very accurate. However, we have seen a couple of 3D models earlier as well.

If you see the video, and we know you will, you will find there is no fingerprint sensor on the back. That means Apple will implement the on-screen fingerprint sensor, whatever the difficulties. But it might also lead to a delay in production. Moreover, the vertical camera on the top left side. Again this in line with most rumors. There is an Apple logo on the back as well.

The front is all screen and no bezels. Except for the small cutout at the top for the earpiece, cameras and other sensors. There isn’t much change to see on the sides. Apple also seems to be moving towards a glass-metal design similar to Samsung as the phone seems to have a glass covering the back. The design does look good. And as of now, we leave iPhone lovers to drool at the video.

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