5G trials in India to reportedly start from March 2020

2019 is the year when the 5G communications technology is getting the much-needed momentum and soon the technology will be mainstream. While a few countries have already started offering 5G services, India is yet to start working on the tech.

However, if the reports are to be believed, then the 5G technology in India is not far away. According to the latest report, Indian government is planning to start 5G trials by the end of this fiscal year, i.e. March 2020. Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has also confirmed that the auction for 5G airwaves will be held in March-April.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi had expressed his ambition of having nationwide 5G services by the year 2020. However, telecom companies have expressed their worries for such a timeline due to the time required for auctions, testing and deployment.

If the leaks are to be believed, then the suggested base price for 5G airwaves is ₹492 crores per MHz with a proposed minimum sale of 20 MHz blocks.  The government plans to sell a total of 8,293.95 MHz of 4G and 5G spectrum, which can fetch the government about ₹5.86 lakh crore, if all of it is sold at base price. It has also been confirmed that they will sell this all in one go and not in pieces.

As for the 5G trials, the telecom department is reviewing the dozens of submitted applications from companies. Also, the department has still not decided on letting the world’s leading telecom equipment maker Huawei to participate.