6.8 Million iOS and Android devices activated on Christmas worldwide

Just like every year, Christmas saw people buying and gifting smartphones and alike this year. However, Christmas left us with some record breaking figures this year.


According to Flurry, the first 20 days of December daily smartphone activations including iOS and Android, ranged between 1.3 to 1.8 million, with an average of 1.5 million.  The number of activations sky-rocketed to more than 6.8 million activations on the 25th of December. Now this is a 353% increase over the baseline and if you compare to Christmas Day 2010, the previous single-day record was 2.8 million device activations which means a 140% increase.

Not only activations, app downloads more than doubled on Christmas.  The December 1 – 20 time period showed that download volumes had increased by 125% on Christmas. Nearly a quarter of a billion downloads occurred on Christmas Day 2011, which is more than double any other day in the history of iOS and Android devices, except December 24, which delivered roughly 150 million downloads.